Hard decisions made easy tossing a virtual coin instantly on your Apple Watch! 
"Best flip a coin app for the Apple Watch!"
"Every time a different coin!" Watch the coin flip and look if it’s heads or tails, more than 70 different images change randomly showing the result. 
"So beautiful!" This colorful app is designed and developed specially for the Apple Watch  although it works great in the iPhone too. 
"Very convenient!" Add it to the Glances and toss the coin immediately without opening the app.




Install this app on your Apple Watch opening "Apple Watch" App in your iPhone, "My Watch", "Coin Tossing" and enabling "Show App on Apple Watch". You can enable it in "Glances" too, so you can have direct access.
The game is fully functional on Apple Watch, you don't need to use the iPhone to play, although the iPhone must be nearby.

Coin Tossing for Apple Watch