The next evolution in slot machines has hit the App Store! 
FruitPot has all strategy and fun of fruit machine games combined with original challenges and increasing levels of difficulty. With bonus games, prizes, and games of chance you’ll want to play for hours.



Game instructions

  • All the excitement of classic slots but total without the monotony! Play the fruit machine to win chips;
  • use your chips to buy items from the stores. Prizes and bonus games make play more exciting – and more difficult.
  • Use the chips you’ve earned to buy all the items in the stores.
  • Buying up a store adds a new symbol to the reels of the slot machine, activating new prizes and games.
  • You can change your bet to multiply the prizes. The maximum bet will increase as you buy up more stores.
  • Nudges slide the reel to the next symbol. Just touch the nudge button and then touch the reel you want to nudge.
  • Holds freeze the selected reel on the next play. Just touch the hold button and then touch the reel you want to freeze.
  • Touch the title to see the Pay Table and your current achievements. The Pay Table lets you share your progress, and get more chips.
  • Scoring three fruits in a row raises the fruit level. You'll win the jackpot when the FruitPot is full. The jackpot doubles the prize every time you win.
  • The shopping challenge symbol will appear randomly allowing you direct access to a store. When you choose to buy a product during the challenge you can either get it free or win some holds or nudges.