Hit the green!
All the fun of an actual golf video game designed only for your AppleWatch! Tee off and see if your aim is accurate! Are you pro enough to make par?
9 holes are awaiting for you in the Palms and Firs virtual Golf Course. This is a very fast golf simulator, realistic but easy to master. Play when you have a moment, resume the game whenever you want.
Aim to the flag and be aware of the wind, the water hazards and bunkers. Select the perfect club and make par or even a birdie. Click the golfer to start the power/accuracy columns, click again to make the swing at the power level you want. Watch the slope of the green before making a putt.
Golf Game for Apple Watch is a golf simulator game that works ONLY on Apple Watch, don't buy it if you don't have an Apple Watch.




Install this app on your Apple Watch opening "Apple Watch" App in your iPhone, "My Watch", "Golf Game" and enabling "Show App on Apple Watch".
The game is fully functional on Apple Watch, you don't need to use the iPhone to play, although the iPhone must be nearby.

Golf Game for Apple Watch