Enjoy this amazing arcade game with beautiful naive graphics and suitable for all ages.
No ads or in-app purchases, pay once and play without limits.
Have fun playing in four magnificent scenarios where you have to:
* Save a brontosaurus without disturbing the raptors and the triceratops.
* Feed fish to the aquatic dinosaurs before pterodactyls arrive.
* Help baby dinos to break the eggshell evading the archaic mammals.
* Hit the volcano dodging the T-Rex and avoiding lava. Watch out for the geysers!
Three difficulties:
* Normal: Very addictive gameplay.
* Hard: You'll have to concentrate to the maximum.
* Extreme: Only a master will be able to succeed.
Finish all stages in the three difficulties and collect twelve types of gems with increasing hardness on Mohs scale. 
Play with your mineral collection in the achievement cave.



Mr. Pinball: Dinosaurs   




To see this help image

touch the

dinosaur footprint

in the main menu.